“Come what may and Love it”

Born in North Little Rock Arkansas and growing into a beautiful, young and energetic teenager. One full of life, fun and adventure was about to face a diagnosis most of us only hear happens to others. At 15 years of age Allisa Berry and her family had recently moved to Cache Valley and settled in Hyrum, Utah. Allisa had just earned her Young Women’s Recognition award at age 14, which is equivalent to the Eagle Scout Award. This achievement helps to define this positive, self motivated young girl. Allisa was also athletic, smart and was a young girl who could go the distance. She was active in Cross Country Running which in training you build strength and stamina, something she would call upon in the next few years.

Allisa at age 15 was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. During diagnosis and treatment Allisa missed three fourths of her Sophomore year at Mountain Crest High School, yet as she met the diagnosis head on and went through surgery to remove the tumor, she persevered and was able to complete her high school requirements and graduate with her (2011) senior class.

She began to set goals, one in which she wanted to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She wanted to touch the lives of others in a positive way. She wanted to go to the temple. Allisa had a strong sense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a great love for family and a amazing attitude towards life. She often quoted her favorite sayings. “Come what may and love it”. And in her humor she lived by “Suck it up and deal with it”. Allisa was full of optimism, always thinking of others throughout this devastating illness.

Fall of 2011 Alissa’s cancer returned and once again she was faced with diagnosis and treatments. Alissa never felt sorry for herself, but did all she could to lift and serve those she loved, especially her family. She continued her brave and courageous, faith filled fight against a disease that ultimately took her life. Alissa was able to fulfill some of her goals. As she went through her challenge with cancer she and her parents set up website and daily blog to document their footsteps throughout their journey. This website has been able to reach over 47 countries, and nearly 10,000 people. She severed her mission and she did touch lives in a positive way. In addition, Allisa was able to go to the Temple with her family and enjoy the blessing there. Lastly, Allisa wanted her family to go on a vacation and enjoy life together. Through the help of One Wish, Inc., Allisa’s family will complete her one wish as they travel to a very special place in Florida, to enjoy, to heal and to celebrate Allisa.

One Wish, Inc. is a newly founded foundation dedicated to making a wish come true for someone struggling with the challenges that come to them and their families as they near the end of a terminal illness. As a volunteer staff working collectively with the community, private business and travel agencies it is a privilege to help the beautiful young Allisa achieve her one wish.