Who can receive a wish?
We grant requests/wishes to anyone who is 18 years or older and has been diagnosed by a physician as life-threatening.

Are there any restrictions on a wish?
All requests will be presented to the Board and will be reviewed for consideration.

Does the family have to pay for the wish?
No, any cost pertaining to the request is absorbed by One Wish.

How much does granting a wish cost? 
It can vary, there have been wishes costing as little as $25 up to wishes in the thousands.

Does the wish family have to meet income qualifications before
receiving a wish?

Depending on the wish we may have to inquire further for Foundation IRS Regulations.

What are the most requested wishes?
The most requests involve family and family oriented activities.

Do you grant wishes to anyone under 18?
Our parameters are ages 18 and over, however we have voted on occasion to include requests for younger individuals.

What are your sources of funding?  
We accept personal donations, we will apply for grants and do fundraising events as our organization gets established.

Is my financial contribution tax deductible?
Yes.  One Wish is a 501(3) charitable organization.

Are wishes granted on a first come first serve basis?  
All wishes will be considered and then determined by the Board.